Algalita Marine Research & Education

Algalita Marine Research and Education, South Pacific was founded to continue to lead the world to a plastic pollution free future .

Algalita Marine Research and Education was founded in 1994 in the United States of America and has been at the forefront of the issue plaguing our oceans ever since their founder, Captain Charles Moore sailed through the North Pacific subtropical Gyre in 1997 and discovered the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch". This discovery was partnered with smart creditable science, innovative education programs, and grassroots activism that sparked the anti-plastic pollution movement worldwide.

As persistent as the issue they continue, 20 years later to be paving the way forward, and in June of 2017 Algalita returned from a 6 month long expedition throughout the South Pacific where the presence of persistent plastic pollution was confirmed. Identifying the need to work at a local level with a greater reach has inspired the formation of Algalita Marine Research & Education, South Pacific.

In order to ensure that future generations can envision a world without plastic pollution Algalita Marine Research and Education, South Pacific works with the individual nations within the South Pacific community towards our collective goal.

Through, research we monitor and bring attention to plastic accumulation in the near shore and open ocean areas of the South Pacific.

Through education we empower youth to become change-makers of today while preparing them to take on the challenges of the future.

Through community engagement we inspire individuals and communities to adopt plastic-smart habits

And through connecting we design and evaluate solutions with industry, policy makers, businesses, and entrepreneurs within the South Pacific community, while holding each group accountable for their responsibilities, actions, and impacts.

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